The hamlet of Tagadert (its full name is Tagadert Ait El Kadi) is located 24 km from the throbbing heart of Marrakech. Only a 20 minute drive from the city but one feels completely removed from the frenetic beating of Marrakech, its drums and its commercial anarchy! This is real, rural Moroccan peacefulness at its very best.

The road from the airport and the city is probably the easiest of all the roads leading away from the Red City. Uncrowded and recently widened, the rural scenery flashes by unnoticed and before you know it you are leaving the tarmac that leads up to the lake of Lalla Takkerkoust and Amizmiz and rumbling gently across a track to the Biblical village houses of Tagadert.

Life in the village is a slow paced one. Older men sit around talking, women are busy with house chores, cooking and taking care of the children, some of whom go to school in the neighbouring village of Oumnass. Younger men are farming and building earth walls in the way that has been used for eleven thousand years around the globe. Rammed earth homes are the norm here. In recent years, the odd villager has rebuilt a house or two using modern construction methods but basically this is an earth village and it is beautiful.

Behind the village are the huge and stunningly spectacular Atlas mountains. In the lower part of the village the land is covered with olive groves, brimming with fruit and producing some of the most exquisite olive oil in Morocco.

Donkeys are used throughout the village by adults and children. The donkeys are almost as friendly as the lovely villagers! This is a place where you can forget about security and whether someone is going to harass you. In Tagadert, life is very calm, very relaxed and no one is going to bother you unless you want them to!


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Chez Max is a spacious, stunningly beautiful and luxuriously appointed guesthouse in the heart of the charming Berber village of Tagadert in the foothills of the Atlas mountains about 25 ...

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